¨ Where the world is my playground, lover of life, curious mind in the search of the ultimate truth ¨

My work explores feelings of guilt, sensuality, sexuality and repression from a woman’s perspective. In an era where gender roles and identities are blurred, my paintings express contradictions. They portray strong and powerful females and their inner turmoil, as well as gentle and sensitive males. Seeking to find beauty in the human form, my work focuses on people’s eyes, faces, lips and their subtle expressions.

With a background in design, fashion and film, most of my work presents a “fashionable pop look” on the surface, with referents to fashion magazines, film and pop culture. These images, however, challenge the very nature of these referents and confront the viewer with

Finding meaning in the superficial.

I find <span>metro conglomerates </span>fascinating, spaces where ideas converge and where one can observe the interconnectedness between people and processes. All art forms are related and every human activity can be made into an art. Finding similarities between cultures, ideas and people is a driving force in my work.

I find meaning in creating beauty in a world where chaos governs. As humans we are creators and artists of our own lives; it is our choice to find either beauty or ugliness in our milieu.

In an era of where religions that condemned sensuality and pleasure have lost power, where human emotions were sanctioned and stoicism celebrated, Sensuality is to be celebrated and not to be condemned.

As an artist I aim at exploring, evolving without ever becoming static and constantly finding new mediums and forms of expression.

Photo by A.M.